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In addition, point 39 of the program [set out in the footer to the Map] reveals the real objectives of its authors, who are under the reason [Note: read "pretext"] "to ensure peace in the world, in fact, want to implement its own plan for economic and military subordination to each other around the globe on earth.

[The Map] is therefore a document of exceptional gravity, which certifies the existence of secret centres of political power, which use the public and well-known institutions, as at present the United Nations or the European Union, etc.

Source: -- this was the original link, it's gone now; someone has put parts of the Polish article online with scans of parts of the Map (this link is still good on 28 October 2009):


I have found the FOLLOWING quotations that seem to reflect the intentions depicted on that 1942 MAP to create a Zionist world empire controlled from Israel.

A three-stage plan was outlined by Stalin at the 1936 Communist International, whose official meeting program proclaimed:

'Dictatorship can be established only by a victory of socialism in different countries or
groups of countries, after which there would be federal unions of the various group-ings of these socialist countries, and the third stage would be an amalgamation of these regional federal unions into a world union of socialist nations.'

Source: "North American Soviet Union" [] at [], by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, author of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America [], about the stealth con-version of the United States of America's educational system to Soviet-style behavioral modifi-cation under the B.F. Skinner Operant Conditioning paradigm, developed to train dogs.

Iserbyt's Editor correctly adds: 'The third stage is taking place right now as we in the United States of America [and, I add: we in Canada] become part of a federal union, the North American Union, which will in the near future become part of a world union of socialist nations.'

Charlotte Iserbyt is a former Senior Policy Advisor with the U.S. Department of Education under President Ronald Reagan. She is recognized as one of the first whistleblowers to expose the hidden agenda to destroy the educational system in America by incrementally replacing it with a Soviet-style Skinnerian-Pavlovian behavioral model.  In other words, obedience dog-training for American children.

In a separate article  "Help Defeat CAFTA", [] Iserbyt, citing The New American of 17 June 2002,  importantly quotes former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev, who, during a visit to London on 23 March 2000, referred to the emerging European Union (EU) as "the new European Soviet."

Writing in CAFTA, Iserbyt points out that what former President George Bush was implementing in this hemisphere (but, I note this has been ongoing through numerous CFR-controlled Presidencies, and continues with CFR-controlled President-elect, Obama) is the same Communist regional system (regionalism is communism), which can be similarly referred to as "The New American Soviet". Says Iserbyt, with absolute rectitude, "All regions being created internationally are modeled on The European Union".  This gives power to a statement of former Soviet dissident, Vladimir Bukovsky, who said: "The West lost the Cold War."

In fact, Iserbyt thinks the Cold War itself was a myth, part of a dialectic designed to deceive electorates everywhere, while the Communist-fascist system has been slid into place under our radar. Read Iserbyt's excellent article on the Cold War myth: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The following is known of Maurice Gomberg, the apparent author of the Map (above):

MAURICE GOMBERG was likely an immigrant from Eastern Europe, originally a clock maker or a watch maker, who sympathized with the Communist Party of America, though [apparently] he was not a member [says the article!]. He had no formal educa-tion, but was nonetheless considered extremely intelligent. This information is based on recollections of some of his contemporaries (who were apparently interviewed by a professor Alexander Gella for an article he wrote in Polish about Gomberg and his famous Map (the title of the article was Mapa Gomberga (The Gomberg Map) and it appeared in a publication called Polish Affairs in the World Perspective, London 1985.

When Gella wrote his piece (in Polish) in 1985, North American Union was unheard-of. The European Union was well on the way; I don't know about the other unions, African; Asian. However, Gella concludes (and I am pasting the slightly pidgin English as left online by the commentator on the Polish article):

"In addition, point 39 of the program reveals the real objectives of its authors, who are under the reason [Notes: read "pretext"] "to ensure peace in the world, in fact, want to implement its own plan for economic and military subordination to each other around the globe on earth.

[The Map] is therefore a document of exceptional gravity, which certifies the existence
of secret centres of political power
, which use the public and well-known institutions,
as at present the United Nations or the European Union, etc."

Source: [ this was the original link, it's gone now], and someone has put parts of the Polish article online with scans of parts of the Map (this link is still good on 28 October 2009):

In addition,according to The New American of 17 June 2002, former Soviet dictator, Mikhail Gorbachev, during a visit to London on 23 March 2000, referred to the emerging European Union (EU) as "the new European Soviet":

"During a late-February address in Brussels, former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky warned that the European Unionreferred to by former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev as the "new European Soviet"represents a continuation of the totalitarian vision he had fought against in Russia.
In his speech, sponsored by the UK Independence Party, "Mr. Bukovsky called the EU a 'monster' that must be destroyed, the sooner the better, before it develops into a full-fledged totalitarian state," reported Paul Belien, editor of the Brussels Journal. "In his speech Mr. Bukovsky referred to confidential documents from secret Soviet files which he was allowed to read in 1992. These documents confirm the existence of a “conspir-acy” to turn the European Union into a socialist organization.

Source: "Former Soviet Dissident Warns For EU Dic-tatorship". "An interview with Vladimir Bukovsky about the impending EUSSR"

This is independently corroborated by Vladimir Bukovsky in his video, who took up the subject of the European Union in his video entitled, The EU The New Soviet? where he concludes, "The EU is an old Soviet model presented in west-ern guise."

Bukovsky warns of an impending Soviet-style EU dicta-torship. At the time he made his video, he was apparently unaware of the statement Gorbachev had made in London; therefore, independently, Bukovsky was right on the money.

Vladimir Bukovsky was an articulate opponent of the Soviet gulags, forced labor camps and mental hospitals where he spent over 12 years of his life for the crime of holding opinions that differed from those approved by the Soviet Union.

In this self-documentary — a 5-star video hosted at YouTube, Bukovsky decodes the true hidden Soviet face of the increasingly Communist European Union. Following is a complete transcript of his statements in the video:


"It is really puzzling to me that having just buried one monster, the Soviet Union, another remarkably similar one, The European Union, is being built.

Exactly what is the European Union?  Perhaps by examining the Soviet version, we can get the answer. The Soviet Union was governed by fifteen unelected people who appointed each other and who were not accountable to anyone.

The European Union is governed by two dozen people who appoint each other, meet in secret, who are not accountable to anyone, and whom we cannot sack.

One might say that the EU has an elected Parliament.  Well, the Soviet Union had a parliament of a sort, too, the Supreme Soviet.  They just rubber-stamped the Politburo decisions, pretty much like the European Parliament does, where speaking time in the chamber is limited within each group and often amounts to one minute per speaker.

In the EU, there are hundreds of thousands of Eurocrats, with their huge salaries, with their staffs, servants, bonuses and privileges, their life-long immunity from prosecution, which is simply shuffled from one position to another no matter what they do or fail to do.

Is this not exactly like the Soviet regime?

The Soviet Union was created by coercion, and very often with a military occupation.  The European Union is being created, admittedly not by armed force, but by coercion and economic bullying.  In order to continue to exist, the Soviet Union spread itself further and further. The moment it stopped spreading, it started collapsing.  And I suspect the same is true of the European Union.

We were told that the purpose of the Soviet Union was to create a new historic entity, the "Soviet People", and that we must forget our nationalities, our ethnic traditions and customs. The same seems to be true of the European Union.  They don't want you to be British or French, they want you all to be a new historic entity, European; to suppress all your national feelings and live as a multinational community.  After 73 years, the same system in the Soviet Union resulted in more ethnic conflict than anywhere in the world.

In the Soviet Union, one of the grand purposes was the destruction of the nation-state, and that's exactly what we observe in Europe today. Brussels intends to absorb nation-states so that they should cease to exist.

Corruption was built into the Soviet system from top down. And so it is in the EU.  The same endemic corruption activity that we saw in the old Soviet Union has flourished in the EU.  Those who oppose or expose it are silenced or punished.  Nothing changes.

In the Soviet Union, we had a gulag.  I think we have a gulag in the European Union also, an intellectual gulag known as "political correct".  When anyone tries to speak their mind on questions of race or gender, or if their views differ from those approved, they will be ostracized. This is the beginning of the gulag, the beginning of your loss of freedom.

In the Soviet Union, they told us we needed a federal state to avoid war.  In the European Union, they are telling you exactly the same thing.  In short, the same ideology underpins both systems.

The EU is an old Soviet model presented in western guise.  But, again, like the Soviet Union, it has within itself the seeds of its own demise.  Unfortunately, when it collapses, and it will, it will leave immense destruction behind and we will be left with huge economic and ethnic problems.

The old Soviet system was incapable of reform; so is the European Union.  But there is an alternative to being ruled by those two dozen self-appointed officials in Brussels.  It is called independence.  You don't have to accept what they have planned for you.  After all, you have never been asked if you wanted to join.

I have lived in your future, and it didn't work."

The plans for the resurrection of the USSR are well known to Putin and the present Regime and are outlined in the documents of the UCP-CPSU and Communist Party of The Union [of Russia and Belarus]. -- Oleg Shenin, Chair, (Restored) Communist Party of The Soviet Union, 2003.

The New York Times, October 1940:

"In the first public declaration on the Jewish question since the outbreak of the war, Arthur Greenwood, member without portfolio in the British War Cabinet, assured the Jews of the United States that when victory was achieved an effort would be made to found a new world order based on the ideals of 'justice and peace.'"excerpt from article entitled "New World Order Pledged to Jews," New York Times (October 1940)

Chaim Weizmann*, Trial and Error: the Autobiography of Chaim Weizmann (Schocken Books, New York, 1949; 1966 paperback with a new Introduction).

Weizmann, writing about the Balfour Declaration of 1917, a letter addressed to international banker, Baron Walter Rothschild, by which Great Britain promised to deliver Palestine as a future Jewish homeland:

"On April 25 [1917] I went into the matter thoroughly with Lord Robert Cecil, the Assistant Secretary for Foreign Affairs, one of the great spirits of modern England, and a prime factor in the creation of the League of Nations. Like Balfour, Milner, Smuts and others, Lord Cecil was deeply interested in the Zionist ideal; I think that he alone saw it in its true perspective as an integral part of world stabilization. To him the re-establishment of a Jewish Homeland in Palestine and the organization of the world in a great federation were complementary features of the next step in the management of human affairs.

*Chaim Weizmann, first President of the state of Israel in 1948, 6 years after the 1942 Map showing Hebrewland in the midst of a great world federation of communist unions. The Map apparently reflects precisely Weizemann's two “complementary features” of the “Zionist ideal” as understood between the lines of Arthur Balfour's letter to Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild, of the Rothschild banking family (bank: N.M. Rothschild & Sons in London) in 1917. One is left to presume that by the stroke of a pen some British statesman ceded not just Palestine, but the entire PLANET to the future ownership and control of certain international bankers. And one is left to ask, if only rhetorically: “the management of whose human affairs” and by whom?

The Balfour Declaration of 1917

[Not to be confused with the Balfour Declaration of 1926.]

Arthur James Balfour.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 (2 November 1917) was a classified formal statement of policy by the British government stating that

 "His Majesty's government view with favour the estab-lishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people" with the understanding that "nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."[1]

That declaration was made in a letter from Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild (Lionel Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, a Zionist organization. The letter reflected the position of the British Cabinet, as agreed upon in a meeting on 31 October 1917. It further stated that the declaration is a sign of "sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations."

The statement was issued through the efforts of Chaim Weizmann and Nahum Sokolow, the principal Zionist leaders based in London but, as they had asked for the reconstitution of Palestine as “the” Jewish national home, the Declaration fell short of Zionist expectations.[2]

The "Balfour Declaration" was later incorporated into the Sèvres peace treaty with Turkey and the Mandate for Palestine. The original document is kept at the British Library.

The anniversary of the Declaration, 2 November, is widely commemorated in Israel and among Jews in the Jewish diaspora as Balfour Day.

Source:  Wikipedia, on 21-03-2009 1h25am

[FN 1]  Yapp, M.E. (1987). The Making of the Modern Near East 1792-1923. Harlow, England: Longman. p. 290. ISBN 0-582-49380-3.

[FN 2]  Balfour Declaration. (2007). In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved August 12, 2007, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online.

David Ben Gurion, quoted in Look Magazine in 1962

by Niki F. Raapana and Nordica M. Friedrich
December 19, 2003

"Benevolent international communitarians are "shoring up the moral, political and social environment" (Communitarian Platform 1993), whether national, American, Christian, or Islamic. Their programs balance all national self-interests against the more humane, modern version of communitarian-ra (Beinin 1996). As for the future, not only are American law schools teaching communitarian law (Harvard 2000) and Talmudic Law (Zacariah 2002) to American lawyers and judges, Chinese communitarian courts and the United Nations export local regulations as blueprints for overruling national laws (Miethe 2003; Veon 1998-2003). Global to local Zionist-communitarian law prevails (Wald 1998), and unnatural evolution guides us into holistic subservience to a superior, master empire. In the words of David Ben Gurion, Amitai Etzioni's patron, who was quoted in Look Magazine in 1962: "In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind." (Duke 2002).

Source: The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking, PART TWO

Xxxxx INSERT bit about high courts and their IMPLIED OBSOLESCENCE as an international training program for domestic high courts is launched from JERUSALEM, in Israel, by xxxxxx; with the following comments about the COURTS:   and 'world government'. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"...[T]o serve the federated union of all continents"this would appear to be to be the Zionists setting up a world religion for the world federation shown on the 1942 Map, while Ben Gurioon's 1962 reference to a "Supreme Court of Mankind" sounds like a laicized term for something out of the Christian Revelation, the Last Judgment. What's the scam here? Church and Zionists complicit? How?  [Read the update below! July 2009, Pope Benedict XVI issued an encyclical entitled "Caritas in Veritate" calling for the creation of a "World Political Authority". An encyclical is a binding statement of Catholic religious obligation, which must be adhered to by all 1.2 billion Catholics in the world today.   Cliff Kincaid, at his web site on 12 October 2009 delivers the high-lights:

Some pro-life Catholics are acting shocked that the Vatican warmly greeted the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama, who is pro-abortion. They don't seem to understand that the Vatican and Obama agree on most major international issues. This is the untold story-how Obama and the Vatican accept major ingredients of what has been called a New World Order. [...] a "World Political Authority," a form of world government, in his recent encyclical "Caritas in Veritate." This world political authority, in the Vatican view, is supposed to "manage the economy," bring about "timely disarmament," and ensure "food, security and peace."

Note: these are precisely the "goals" depicted on the 1942 New World Order Map of "Communist sympathizer" Maurice Gomberg archived in the U.S. Library of Congress since February of that year.

Moreover, this call echoes French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who on 25 September 2007 at the United Nations, called upon the UN xxxxxxxxxxBut it goes farther. The language employed by Sarkozy is identical to language used by Sara Gertrude Millin, the biographer of Cecil John Rhodes, founder of xxxxx, [explain how the European Round Table derives from this tradition, and then how it sits beside the unelected EU government in Brussels dictating the "law" to be imposed on the EU member nations.  QUOTE [translate] from Syti on the European Constitution, how the "human rights" promised at the outset of the 400-page draft Constitution (not incuding annexes and other instruments referred to) are effectively withdrawn by text buried in the schedules.  The same language was moreover used by Quebec Premier Rene Levesque in his 1985 autobiopgrahy, and I have made a Chart of this, comparing his declaration in 1985 to that of Sarkozy in 2007, proving that both men clearly belong to the same club: same words, same ideas, same world federation, same ideology.

Mr. Kincaid notes "evidence that Obama's community organizing days in Chicago began in an organization funded by the Catholic Church.

This has been confirmed by several sources. Obama 'worked in several Catholic parishes, supported by the Catholic Cam-paign for Human Development, helping to address severe joblessness and housing needs in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods of Chicago,' noted the group calling itself Catholic Democrats. Another group, Catholics for Obama, says that 'President Barack Obama reflects core values of Catholic Social Teaching, which informs how we live our faith in the world.'"

Expanding on the Kincaid lead is a [INSERT the bit about Obama acting as an ALINSKY TRAINER for these Catholic groups, and only beginning to attend Church when it was noticed that for some reason, he was working with Catholics, but not attending Church.  ADD THE CBS BANNER]
Source:  U.S.A. Survival,

[1] "Vatican Backs Obama's Global Agenda" By Cliff Kincaid. October 12, 2009

[2] Read the USA Survival special report: Sowing the Seeds of Global Government: the Vatican’s Quest for World Political Authority.

9. Chaim Weizmann*, Trial and Error: the Autobiography of Chaim Weizmann (Schocken Books, New York, 1949; 1966 paperback with a new Introduction)

"God will look down benignly on his Children who after a long wandering have come home to serve Him with a psalm on their lips and a spade in their hands, reviving their old country and making a center of human civilization."

First edition of the autobiography of the first President of Israel and one of the most important political figures of the 20th century. Both volumes fine in near-fine dust-jackets that show just minor toning to the spines; one small chip to the spine of volume I and one small closed tear to the upper right corner of the same volume. An excellent set of a rare and important work.

Notes: "a center of human civilization". Sounds like the 1942 Map: with HEBREWLAND in the CENTER of a huge communist world federation. Only, apparently, there is something coming out of the UN called Agenda 21, a plan to exterminate 93% of humanity in the next 30 years, called DEPOPULATION. And render most of the planet off limits to human habitation or access. That's some ZIONIST management for you. Time we all stand up to these illegitimis. They're going to reverse history:  they get the nation, we get the diaspora.


"Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and in-human to impose the Jews on the Arabs." Gandhi's Collected Works.

"The cry for the national home for the Jews does not make much appeal to me. The sanction for it is sought in the Bible and the tenacity with which the Jews have hankered after return to Palestine. Why should they not, like other peoples of the earth, make that country their home where they are born and where they earn their livelihood?" Gandhi's Collected Works

WEIZMANN, Chaim. Trial and Error. New York: Harper's Brothers, 1949. Two volumes Original cloth, original dust-jacket, original slip-case. 1 of 500 signed copies. $2000 izmann_trial_and_error.htm

   An image of the 1949 Book Cover of "The Autobiography of Chaim Weizmann, First
  President of Israel, TRIAL AND ERROR, Limited Edition, Two Volumes, online 21 March 2009:

21 March 2009 Stu 01h47-04h26 a.m.
This PDF document was prepared today by Kathleen Moore, Montreal, Canada.
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1941-42 MAP:
"a Jewish Homeland in Palestine and the organization of the world in a great federation were complementary features" – Weizmann, 1949

"the organization of the world in a great federation" – Weizmann, 1949
"[C]ould the European model go global?" – Gideon Rachman, 9 December 2009
Answer:  it IS global.  It was PLANNED that way before Pearl Harbour.

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